A future
without fossil

PLAN-B NET ZERO is all about having a future without fossil fuels!


Together we are building the first emission-free, fully integrated and digital pan-european Greentech company and create lasting, sustainable values for our common future.

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PLAN-B NET ZERO is all about having a future without fossil fuels. This is the only chance that we have to stop climate change in good time, or at the very least limit its impact. It is the only way we can secure the future for the next generation of people on planet Earth, which will need to remain habitable in future and be able to sustain its population too.

We believe that all options of environmentally friendly, carbon-neutral energy sources need to be utilised and combined in the best possible way to achieve this goal. We also know that we have a responsibility to bring all energy consumers with us and convince them too in order to be successful. This includes companies and private households as well as homeowners, residential landlords and tenants alike.

This is why we see ourselves at PLAN-B NET ZERO as a movement.

What we do

We at PLAN-B NET ZERO need to utilise all types of carbon-neutral, green energy generation. This includes solar and wind energy, along with biogas and green hydrogen in future too.

At the same time, we can provide the full range of services to consumers, whether they are industrial, trade or private consumers. These services range from the planning, construction, financing and operation of facilities to energy storage solutions, charging infrastructure and heat pump solutions, right through to our smart management software, THE BRAIN, as an all-round package.

What we are dealing with

Protecting our planet needs to be humanity’s most pressing task right now! Our planet is a patient in intensive care. It’s not just ill, it is at risk of dying! The impact of climate change can no longer be overlooked. We have seen droughts lasting for several months, whether in Germany or the United Kingdom. And at the same time, we have seen torrential rainfall and devastating floods in other regions too. We have seen glaciers melting and temperatures well in excess of 45 degrees – not just in the Middle East, but in Europe as well. We have seen water shortages everywhere and forest dieback caused by drought. And we have also seen forest fires on a scale that never seemed possible.

Bradley Mundt, founder and Head of strategy