Tree-planting programme

We are official partner of the „Trees for the Future“-programme!

„At the present time, deforestation is one of the problems that we are confronted with globally. We all now know that reducing carbon emissions alone cannot and will stop the problem we have with global climate change. We also need more trees to remove CO2 from the atmosphere and absorb it. In fact, we need a lot of trees. Each tree absorbs an average global amount of 10kg CO2 per year. Trees in the Latin American tropics even manage to absorb 16kg per tree and year.

However, an average amount of 10 million hectares of forest is chopped down each year; in fact, the total in 2021 was 11.1 million hectares. 96 % of this occurs in rainforests. Brazil and Indonesia alone account for almost 50 % of deforestation in these rainforests. Brazil on its own destroys 1.7 million hectares of forest each year, the equivalent of 1.7 million football pitches. An unimaginable amount!

We humans have already destroyed more than half of planet Earth’s previous forests. For the sake of our future, we must all fight together to combat this reckless behaviour and accelerating level of deforestation.

We have reached a point where reversing the rise in greenhouse gases using all the resources we have available is the most important task we currently face. My personal view is that each of us can help contribute to this reforestation. Even if it’s just a small tree in your garden or on your balcony. Or perhaps in summer, you can keep a few jugs of water aside for the tree on the road in front of your house. Each small step is a step towards a successful outcome – if we all play our part. We owe it to our planet.

This is why, together with our PLAN-B NET ZERO movement, I will be consistently advocating for global reforestation measures and protecting our existing forests. As a company, we will provide not only financial support to various foundations, but also offer boots on the ground too. We will help find a way back to having sustainable ecosystems.

Come and join in and help us plant trees. We need to do this to save our planet and safeguard the future for ourselves and our children!”


We are official partner of the
„Trees for the Future“-programme!

„Hello Bradley, We are very pleased to welcome PLAN-B NET ZERO as an official partner of Trees for the future. Here at TREES we plant trees and change lives. We train farmers in a regenerative agroforestry technique called “The forest garden approach.” Farmers plant thousands of agroforestry fruit and nut trees on their own properties to restore and protect the land. Within just one year of completing our training program, farmers have dramatically increased their income and access to food. At the same time, ecosystems are restored, biodiversity is improved and carbon is sequestered. We are very honored to have dedicated supporters like PLAN-B NET ZERO who are committed to the future of our planet and everyone on it. We can’t wait to see what we can achieve together.”

Trees for the Future