Energy as a Service Project Process

An Energy as a Service project is divided into several sections. We would be happy to explain this to you!

Construction inspection and requirements

1 A competent PLAN-B energy consultant assesses the needs and the structural situation with you on site.

2 Based on this data, PLAN-B develops an energy solution tailored to your requirements. This can consist of, for example, a rooftop or ground-mounted photovoltaic system, one or more heat pumps, charging infrastructure, appropriately sized energy storage solutions and THE BRAIN as the control system.

Presentation and conclusion of contract

3 The PLAN-B energy consultant presents your individual PLAN-B solution on site.

4 The necessary contracts are concluded. As a rule, these are a roof or area lease contract and at least one electricity supply contract.

Construction planning & installation

5 PLAN-B takes care of the construction planning and the provision of the required components.

6 A certified PLAN-B member company installs your turnkey energy solution, if necessary including prior roof renovation and all electrical connection work.

Registration and commissioning

7 PLAN-B takes care of the necessary registration with the local electricity grid operator.

8 Together with a detailed briefing, the commissioning of your energy solution takes place.

Maintenance, service
& Contact person

9 PLAN-B ensures the ongoing trouble-free operation, maintenance and service of your energy solution.

10 Your personal PLAN-B energy consultant remains your contact for all questions regarding your energy solution.