Energy as a Service

Make the most of the benefits of photovoltaic energy – and no investment costs required either with our PLAN-B NET ZERO Energy as a Service solution.

Eliminate you or your company’s dependency on electricity price increases of over 1000% without having to invest a single cent. The PLAN-B NET ZERO Energy as a Service solution provides private households and companies with the opportunity to reduce their energy costs by generating their own electricity. Become part of our sustainable energy transition and PLAN-B NET ZERO movement.

PLAN-B NET ZERO will take over the planning, construction, financing and operation, including maintenance, for you. We are more than happy to talk to you in detail about how our Energy as a Service solution works. Energy as a Service is nothing more than a collaboration where both partners can benefit. Companies or private households can lease out spare roof spaces or open spaces to PLAN-B NET ZERO. In return, we will install a suitable photovoltaic plant and storage solution. If required, we can also supply a heat pump solution tailored perfectly to your needs, along with a single or several wallboxes (charging infrastructure for e-mobility purposes).

Last but not least, we will supply your residual electricity demand, i.e. the amount of electricity that you are unable to generate yourself, subject to attractive conditions. Our sophisticated control software, THE BRAIN, ensures all components interact perfectly with each other. You or your company can utilise the cheap solar power produced this way for your own supply, saving a guaranteed amount of 50% of electricity costs, and over a minimum period of 20 years too. And you can enjoy this without any of your own investment. This is because we here at PLAN-B NET ZERO are focused on generating sustainable, environmentally friendly and, above all, affordable energy for everyone.

Holistic photovoltaic solution

Holistic photovoltaic solution
Residential premises