Photovoltaic energy

Whether you are an industrial, trade or private consumer, you may well have some unused roof space or open space. Together with PLAN-B NET ZERO, you can work with us to support the energy transition whilst also benefiting from cheap, green electricity. We have just the right solution tailored specifically to your needs.

As an example, we pay you a lease or rental amount over 20-30 years for your space whilst also supplying you with cheap electricity, subject to fixed conditions, via our Energy as a Service solution. This will save you a guaranteed 50% of your electricity costs each year.  And the best thing? We will cover 100% of the costs to finance, build, operate and maintain the PV plant. You do not have to do anything at all. Make the most of our expertise gained from 125,000 kWp of installed capacity.

  • 310 photovoltaic systems for commercial customers
  • 110 MW total output
  • 100 million kWh annual system output
  • 370,000 installed photovoltaic modules